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This site thrives on freshly submitted NCOER Bullets that NCOs can use to help to think of bullets for NCOERs that they are preparing.  If you have some NCOER Bullets that you would like to share, please send them to the email listed below.

Please be sure to tell us which block of the NCOER the bullet should fall under.  If the NCOER bullet would be relevant to a specific branch, please tell us which branch also.  We try to group the bullets in a way that they are easy to research for the Leaders that use this site.  

If you would like your name added as the "submitted by" for the bullets, please ensure that you tell us in the email how you would like your name written.  For example, some may want SFC Snuffy, Joe, while some may want SFC Snuffy or even SFC Snuffy 1-1 Cav. 

Send all bullets to

Thank you for your help with building a valuable resource to help save NCOs time while preparing NCOERs.

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